Tubs & Bathing – which bathtub to choose?

Tubs & Bathing – which bathtub to choose?

Are you considering the purchase of a new bath tub? Unsure of which type or design to select from? The bath tub is the biggest product that you can place within your bathroom. Thus, it is important that the bath tub that you will acquire will not encounter your bathroom’s style style. Listed below are the kinds of tub that you may want for your house. Read the descriptions relating to each style then decide.

Modern bath tubs

The trend in tub today is to make use of materials like steel, plastic, and acryllic to build a bath tub. Modern bath tubs are remarkably like and still extremely tough and solid. Tubs made from plastic or acrylic can be easily carried by a single person while steel made ones require a minimum of two people to carry it.

Tubs made from these products can be formed into unique shapes and designs along with matching it with panels, front and rear taps, as well as color themes. White is currently the most popular color for modern bath tubs

Cast iron bath tubs

This kind of bath tub may be very costly particularly the antique ones. It forecasts a picture of classic luxury and elegance. If your old tub is made of cast-iron, it is advisable that you contact first your local tub dealer before changing it with a new one. It might turn out that your old tub may still cost a decent amount of money and it will be a waste to just throw it away. You can actually sell it to second hand stores or even through a yard sales.

The popularity of cast-iron tubs is growing and if you choose to keep your old one, you may instead get the services of company to restore your old tub back to its sparkling old self. Some companies will do the restoration at their workplace while others may offer to do a home service. This type of tub is also very heavy, requiring 2 to three individuals to lift it up a flight of stairs and requires more time to preserve than ordinary tubs

Circular bath tubs

Having a large floor space for your bathroom is necessary if you want to install a circular tub. Putting one in your restroom brings about it a certain vibe and screen that will genuinely make your time inside the bathroom worth remembering. Coupling it with an outstanding interior decoration will actually put glamour and flair that other people will not be able to resist.

Space saving tubs

There are bath tub designs maximize the space inside your bathroom. This type is usually placed at the side or corner of the room. This is popular today because of its uniqueness as well as space conserving characteristics. The tub is angled in a method inside the bathroom to take as little wall area as possible to make method for shelves and even a towel warmer.

Another option is to position a compact shower cubicle alongside the tub is space permits. It is available in different colors, themes, and sizes making customization an easy thing to do.

Regular bath tubs

Regular bath tubs are rectangular in shape and is the most common as well as the most inexpensive type of tub available. It can fit any theme or design of the bath space and different lengths are available depending on the use.

These are the styles and kinds of restrooms that you can get to replace your old one or to furnish your new bathroom. Either way, be sure to choose the design that will complement and will be in harmony with your bathroom’s theme as well as the overall design of your home.

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