Top 5 Patio Trees for an Attractive Outdoor Design

Top 5 Patio Trees for an Attractive Outdoor Design

When you decorate your outdoor space, you want a patio design that you can be proud of. An attractive patio just wouldn’t be the same without the addition of some trees that add personality and a designer touch to your outdoor area. As you choose trees for your particular patio, it is important to consider your climate zone, annual rainfall, and wind conditions. The five great patio trees listed below are suitable for most climates within the United States and tend to hold up well even in adverse weather conditions.

#1 The Bay Tree: Self-Sustaining

The Bay Tree, known for its wide varieties including the Laurel, is the perfect addition to an outdoor patio design. If you enjoy an evergreen that is low-maintenance, then this one is a best pick. Due to its rapid growth cycle, a Bay Tree does need to be pruned annually, or it could grow to over forty feet. If you would enjoy the shade for your patio area, then let her grow.

However, your patio area might not be able to handle a tree that large but fortunately, the Bay Tree is quite suitable to pruning. This lovely tree has a wonderful fragrance and produces small black berries during growth seasons. If you keep it well watered and use a long-lasting fertilizer for the first couple of years after planting, you will have a life long friend.

#2 The Crape Myrtle: Gorgeous Blossoms

If aesthetic beauty is a key ingredient in your patio design, then the Crape Myrtle is perfect for you. The Crape Myrtle has amazingly gorgeous blossoms in purple, white, pink, and red that bloom from May to September. This tree is thick and hearty, so the shade it produces will be sufficient for an outdoor patio design. The Crape Myrtle is deciduous, but the mangled trunk and branches that are exposed during the winter months is almost like a sculptured piece of artwork. Due to the Crape Myrtle’s heat and drought tolerance, this tree is a wonderful addition to a patio that experiences temperate and semi-arid climates. The gorgeous blossoms are one of this tree’s best assets.

#3 The Evergreen Bonsai Dwarf Cypress Tree: Container Friendly

Due to the small stature of the Evergreen Bonsai Dwarf Cypress Tree, you can plant it in pots or containers and place it directly on your patio. Its small size and flowering branches make it an award winner. This particular variation has been cultivated to mature at around two to three feet in height, so you don’t have to worry about excess growth. In addition, the Evergreen Bonsai Dwarf Cypress Tree tends to do best in patio areas that get some shade, but a bit of direct sunlight is necessary for health and minimal growth.

#4 The Japanese Maple: Lovely Foliage

The Japanese Maple is another patio tree that can be planted in a pot or container and placed in a lightly shaded area. There are several sizes and variations, but the medium size Japanese Maple grows from six to ten feet in height and demands moist soil. Due to its craving for water, placing it in a slightly shaded area can prolong the time between watering. Full sunshine and strong winds can be damaging to a Japanese Maple, so make sure that is has some refuge from adverse weather conditions. The lovely purple, red, and green foliage makes the Japanese Maple an eye-pleaser for any patio design.

#5 The Dwarf Key Lime Tree: Fruit is a Plus

If you love a tree that produces fruit, then you’ll love the Dwarf Key Lime Tree. Its compact size makes it a great addition to just about any patio design. The Dwarf Key Lime Tree can be planted directly into the soil, or it can be planted in a pot depending on your specific needs. The glossy leaves and fragrant white flowers make it a sight for sore eyes.

The dwarf variety reaches around eight feet in height and looks a bit like a typical topiary. Lime fruit is produced shortly after the white blooms fall off the tree. The Dwarf Key Lime Tree is sensitive to extremely cold temperatures, but fares well in most climate zones.

To sum it up, a patio design requires the implementation of trees to make it a welcoming space. Whether it is planted or potted, trees add color, shade, diversity, and structure to an outdoor patio design. For a patio showpiece that you can be proud of, select trees that radiate natural beauty and add charm to your outdoor space.

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